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SDCC '22 Recap

by Jeff Haidaczuk on
Last week we packed a box of shirts and headed down to San Diego for what is arguably the biggest and best pop culture convention in the world. This was my second time at SDCC, the last time was 2019, so I was stoked to see what a ‘new normal’ version of the con was going to look like, and it did no disappoint. 

Outside of all the celebrity appearances, after parties and after after parties is an incredible sense of community among both attendees and vendors. While major activations come and go, the heart and soul of this show are the people who show up year after year to make this happen. This incredible group of people who will ask how your family is doing, who are eager to hear about what is coming next after the con, who share snacks and get lunch for each other and will gladly lend you packing materials at the end of the show. I am truly honored that RF was welcomed with open arms by members of both of these communities - some stopping by to pick stuff up for people who couldn’t attend and others who were stoked to get their hands on their first con exclusive tee.

The size and scope of this convention is difficult to explain because it is just that massive. I’ve tried telling people in person, and every time I do I feel like I leave out major things that happen - there was an 18ft tall King Koopa built out of Legos, a $100k animatronic Baby Yoda, a $25m Infinity Gauntlet…oh yeah, and an autograph signing with Ozzy Osbourne and Todd McFarlane. Like, what?!

Going forward, I will try to be a bit more comprehensive with these recaps, but here I am three days removed and I’m still trying to put the whole experience into words. 

So, a massive thank you to our friend Jason Edmiston for letting us hang out all week, thank you to Spoke Art for inviting us to participate in their incredible offering of SDCC exclusives and thank you to everyone who wore RF to the show, came by the booth to get a shirt or just said Hi - We’ll do it all over again when we see you in October at New York Comic Con. 

- Jeff



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